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Preserva Lab

 IR Moisture Analyzer Balance
A moisture balance, also called a moisture analyzer, measures the amount of moisture in a substance. This equipment is very essential in all pharmaceutical laboratories to measure the moisture content in any product. This equipment gives accurate results as compared to other moisture measuring techniques like evaporation or loss on drying method. 
Another method is where the water vapor released is measured following combustion of the sample, measuring the difference in weight after removal of moisture from the sample and measuring the equilibrium of water vapor of the sample in a closed system. The classical laboratory method of measuring high level moisture in solid or semi-solid materials is loss on drying (LOD). In this technique a sample of material is weighed, heated in an oven for an appropriate period, cooled in dry atmosphereand then re-weighed. If the volatile content of the solid is primarily water, the LOD technique gives a good measure of moisture content. These methods are relatively slow and in laboratories like Preserva Wellness where samples are made and tested on a regular basis, these conventional methods will lead to inaccurate results and loss of time. Preserva Wellness products are of very superior quality;therefore, the product development and sampling process has to be accurate and fast. This analyzer incorporates an electronic balance with a sample tray and surrounding heating element to measure the amount of moisture and it gives results in few minutes.
The sample is rapidly heated and the results are obtained prior to process completion based on the moisture loss rate, known as a drying curve.
A major advantage of laboratory moisture analyzers is that once the analysis method is programmed into the instrument, the technician needs minimal training and expertise to test samples and obtain reliable results. Periodically checking moisture content of samples prior tothe final formulation of a product ensures our scientists rapidly modify the procedure for manufacture and the samples produced are a replica of the actual products proposed to be manufactured in the factory.
This equipment is very essential in a good laboratory to ensure the formulations and the production process of each new product is accurate. If the moisture content in capsules or tablets is more than the permissible limit then it can lead to bacterial or fungal growth and can lead to further contamination. 
Precautions DuringUse of the Moisture Analyser:
1. No testing of flammables, explosives, or things that produce dangerous or noxious vapors.
2. No objects to be brought near the equipment when drying is in progress. Never pass fluids over the perforated cover (a spill can be disastrous).
3. Authorised company persons should be called to repair, disassemble, or modify the Analyzer. Tampering with the unit may result in injury and cause more damage to the equipment.
4. Do not use the Analyzer in locations subject to high humidity or dust levels.
5. If water or other liquid spills into the Analyzer, do not continue to use it. Unplug the power cord immediately and contact technical support.