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5 Healthy Gifts To Give Your Dad This Fathers Day

The celebration of Father’s Day is upon us, which means it is time to get the perfect gift for the fathers in our lives. And while it is certainly a sweet sentiment, it would be nice to move away from the usual Father’s Day gifts such as ties, socks, shirts, watches, etc and find something valuable and useful that will ensure his good health and make him feel his best in the long run – the gift of health and wellness!



Fathers play a significant role in the family, especially in their children. Not only do they give us the gift of life, but also guide and protect us from every hardship and misstep in our journeys. So, this Father’s Day, make it extra special and show him how special and loved he is by caring for his health and wellbeing. While it is impossible to turn our fathers into superheroes with eternal lives, we can inspire and motivate them toward a healthier lifestyle to ensure they always remain at the top of their health and live longer. You can make that happen with the help of these healthy Father’s Day gifts that will boost your father’s health and well-being. Read on to find out.


Healthy Father’s Day Gift –What to Get


From workout accessories to plant-based wellness products, here are some of the best gifts you should get your father this Father’s Day!


         1. Guide him toward a healthy and fitness-friendly lifestyle


Father’s Day is a great time to convince your dad to hop on the healthy-fitness bandwagon. And one of the best ways to motivate him toward this lifestyle is by adoring him with fitness-related gifts. You can start with workout outfits, sports shoes or sneakers, yoga mats, and a fitness band or tracker to help track progress. You can also get him home fitness or workout kits like resistance bands, dumbbells, pull-up bars and so on to motivate him to get more physically active.


Preserva’s Vitalboost Tablets –a plant-based multivitamin for men, is an excellent choice of gift to pair with these as it is designed to help boost testosterone levels, increase muscle mass and help replenish the body with stamina and energy needed for physical activities.


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          2. Care for His Heart Health


Studies have shown that men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases than women. Additionally, complications such as high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis, which can lead to stroke and heart disease are occurring more frequently among younger men. So this Father’s Day, make sure your dad remains heart-healthy by giving him a heart rate monitor to help monitor his heart rate throughout the day, especially while performing exercises. Heart-healthy supplements like Cardigold Juice, Cholestoblast Capsules and Daily Hear Care Tea from Preserva Wellness are specifically designed using potent plant-based ingredients to help nourish, enhance and protect the heart, naturally! You can include them in your healthy Father’s Day gifts.


           3. Help him De-stress


Men, especially fathers who are tasked with multiple responsibilities, are often troubled with stress from work or at home, which can build up over time and cause mental-related complications such as chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even depression. This Father’s Day, find things to do that your father enjoys – be it indoor or outdoor –whatever he likes to help clear his head and get the much-needed de-stress. In addition to that, Stresaway Tablets and Daily Calm Tea from Preserva Wellness are a great way to help combat stress and calm the mind in times of stressful situations, naturally.


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           4. Help Him Beat the Health Risk


Old age can make your father susceptible to a wide range of health issues. Health problems such as respiratory-related complications and diabetes are also known to be especially higher in men compared to women. This Father’s Day is the perfect day to urge your father to look after his health and get regular health check-ups. This can go a long way as far as beating staying healthy and reducing the risks of developing these health complications is concerned. You can also help take preventative measures by adding Preserva’s lung-healthy Daily Strength Juice and blood sugar-friendly Diabewell Tablets to his daily diet. This is what a healthy Father’s Day gift is really all about!


          5. Spend Some Quality Time With The Man


Apart from the gifts and praises, the things parents truly desire from their children are love and respect. One of the most honest ways of showing that you care is by making the time to be with them. Spending quality time with your father on Father’s day is one of the best gifts you can gift to your father. Prepare his favourite food, go for a walk or run with him, take him out on a nice dinner or for an entertaining movie, play games – ask him of the things he would like to do on this special day. Just you taking the time to be with him would mean more to him than the shiny gifts worth thousands of rupees.


The Bottom Line


Father’s Day is the one time of the year when we get to celebrate the father figures in our lives for being the amazing person that they are. While showing love and affection with materialistic gifts is the traditional norm for this occasion, it’s time to go outside the box and make a few changes this year –the healthy way. These simple tips and gift ideas are great ways to make sure your father’s health is in check and remains healthy always–physically and mentally, long after Father’s day celebration.


Lastly and most importantly, just a single day of celebration is not enough to truly capture and define how great of a role and impact our fathers have in our lives. This Father’s Day, promise to spend each day as if it were ‘Father’s Day’! And here is a big shout-out to all the amazing fathers who set the best examples for all of us. Happy Father’s Day!

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