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Clinical Issues

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of brain disorder which creates problems in thinking patterns and memorising things. It is not related to normal ageing process. It usually starts with weak memory and worsens with time. It varies from person to person. Where one person suffering from this disorder might find difficulty in following a plan, someone else with the same disorder might not be able to remember daily activities. Thus, the disease affects every person differently. There can be other symptoms like confusion, doubts, indecisiveness, lack of trust, fear or anxiety. It is important to understand that a person with Alzheimer’s disease needs good care and attention.
  • Write stuff that needs to be memorised or use reminders
  • Inform your family about the issue and try to be with them. Understand that your       loved ones have best your interests in mind.
  • Make use of the technology and stay connected with people
  • Make a habit of regular routine check-up of the body to keep away from other related diseases
  • Don’t go out without informing your near and dear ones
  • Do not take any medication without consulting the doctor
  • Stay away from foods containing artificial sweeteners like aspartame as they can trigger Alzheimer’s. Use natural sugar substitutes like honey, jaggery or stevia.