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Clinical Issues


Asthma is a condition in which the airways carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body get affected which creates difficulty in breathing. In asthmatic patients, the airways get swollen and increase the chances of developing allergic reactions. Due to the swelling and collection of mucous, the airways become narrow which reduces the supply of air. Individuals suffering from asthma generally undergo certain symptoms like wheezing, breathing problems, coughing and tightening of the chest. These symptoms are quite common at night or usually occur early in the morning. The three main effects of Asthma are: 

1. Airway Obstruction
2. Swelling and Inflammation
3. Irritation in air passage
Asthma cannot be completely cured but can be controlled. Dust and allergies can trigger asthma.
  • Try to stay away from pollution.
  • Monitor breathing and consult a medical practitioner.
  • Try to reduce weight
  • Keep the inhaler always near and handy
  • Avoid sulphites and preservatives
  • Do not stay for too long in cold weather
  • Do not stay stressed for prolonged periods. Try to control stress and use relax your   mind.
  • Do not smoke or inhale smoke of any type such as cigarette smoke, exhaust from cars etc.