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Clinical Issues

Auto Immune Disorders

Auto Immune disorders happen when the body’s immune system starts attacking the healthy cells of the body, mistaking it for a pathogen. In other words, the immune system wrongly recognises some parts of the body as foreign cells and attacks the healthy cells. The immune system fails to distinguish between healthy cells and germ or bacteria cells. The major reasons for onset of autoimmune disorders is not yet recognised. But if this problem exists in the genes, it is most likely to happen to future generations. Not every family member will have the disease, but they inherit a susceptibility and have higher chances of developing any autoimmune condition. 
Common auto immune disorders are:
1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
2. Psoriasis
3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
4. Graves’ disease
5. Type1 diabetes
6. Addison’s disease
7. Vitiligo
8. Multiple sclerosis
9. Lupus
10. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
11. Grave’s Disease
12. Celiac Disease
  •  Identify your hidden allergies
  • Eat fresh food that is good for the gut
  • Exercise regularly
  • Use natural supplements to cure inflammation
  • Do not consume caffeine or alcohol
  • Do not eat foods that increase inflammation in the body
  • Do not stress out or panic as it can worsen the situation 
  • Do not take medications without any supervision