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Clinical Issues


Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that results in the breakdown of cartilage or flexible tissues in joints. It is a disorder that primarily affects the joints of the body due to wear and tear of cartilage which is responsible for protecting the joints. When the cartilage wears out, the bones become pitted and rough leading to pain.
A healthy joint is protected by a synovial membrane which excretes synovial fluid. Damage to the membrane hampers the functioning of the synovia fluid and causes inflammation. Osteoarthritis is caused by ageing, injury, chronic joint problem or is heredity. It is characterised by inflammation of joints, pain and stiffness and is quite common among aged people.
It is not an autoimmune disease, unlike rheumatoid arthritis. It can affect joints of thumbs, knees, back, hips and legs. This disorder is common in both men and women. Some common names of osteoarthritis are degenerative joint disease and degenerative arthritis.
  • Perform gentle stretching exercises
  • Consult a doctor
  • Take proper rest 
  • Try to reduce weight. Being overweight can pressurise the bones.
  • Opt for nutritional supplements with Vitamin D and calcium to improve bone strength.
  • Do not perform heavy or strenuous exercises
  • Do not eat unhealthy foods
  • Do not wear shoes with heels. Wear comfortable slippers or shoes.