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Clinical Issues


Anaemia is a medical state in which the human body suffers from the lack of red blood cells or haemoglobin as it falls below the required level. It is basically caused due to the decrease in production of haemoglobin or due to excessive bleeding. A person suffering from anaemia generally feels very tired, looks pale and can often feel their heart racing. It is simple to detect through a blood test. There are different types of anaemia, some of which are: iron deficiency anaemia, anaemia of chronic diseases, aplastic anaemia, sickle cell anaemia, iron deficiency anaemia, haemolytic anaemia etc.
  • Eat green vegetables, beans, eggs, oysters, lentils etc. to increase the level of iron in the body
  • Eat fruits like pomegranates, oranges and other citrus fruits to increase the RBC count
  • Include natural supplements in your daily routine
  • Get regular blood tests done to determine the blood cells count
  • Take the advice of a medical practitioner on the severity on anaemia
  • Do not skip meals. 
  • Do not eat less nutritious food or foods which are high calorie but have low nutritional value
  • Do not ignore the symptoms and start the treatment as soon as possible
  • Do not take up any random exercise program. Before starting any exercise consult your doctor.