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Diabetes Treatment Home Remedies

Diabetes  is a chronic metabolic disorder  characterized by high  blood glucose level, if left uncontrolled for a prolonged period of time may lead to health problems such as nephropathy (affect kidney), retinopathy (affect eyes), neuropathy (affect nervous system) etc. High sugar levels can be controlled by diet, exercise and medication. 

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Diet for Diabetes

Diet is the Corner-stone in management of diabetes. The beneficial effects of dietary fibre in the dietary management of diabetes has been well recognized.

Eat them and you will release glucose into bloodstream more slowly. It has been found that eating for servings of whole grains daily reduce the risk for developing prediabetes by 30%. Oatmeal, musesli in the diet lower the odds of your developing insulin resistance. Daily one serving of oats in breakfast is helpful and weight reduction and also helps in lowering the cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases.

A condiment which is rich source of fibre. Fenugreek seeds reduce blood glucose, urinary sugar & serum lipids with concomitant improvement in glucose tolerance diabetes symptoms. The hypoglycemic action of fenugreek seeds has been shown to be due to reduction in glucose absorption and also improvement in glucose utilization at the peripheral tissues.

This sweet seasoning contains a compound called hydroxychalcone, which may stimulate insulin receptors on cells and inturn improve your body’s ability to absorb blood sugar. Various studies and research showed that about half to one teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowered fasting blood glucose levels by an average of nine points among people with diabetes.

Amla significantly decreases blood glucose level and Increase insulin production and secretion. Amla has anti- diabetic properties which is helpful in maintaining a normal blood glucose level. Preserva diabawell juice has a blend of gooseberry with other herbs which is apt for diabetes patients.

Have low GI index All non starchy vegetables including bell peppers, mushrooms, spring beans , leafy greens, leafy onions, leafy Garlic, broccoli, cauliflower are low in glycemic index, the best food for controlling sugars.

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