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Know your Herbs


Clove aka Syzygium aromaticum, is the flower bud of a tree, belonging to the plant family Myrtaceae. This tree usually grows in tropical and subtropical areas. It was originally found on the Maluku islands in Indonesia.
The average height of clove trees is eight to twelve meters. Cloves have a strong spicy taste and wonderful aroma. The clove buds are originally pink in colour and are dried until the colour changes to brown. These spicy buds are also used for many treatments due to the unique, tingling sensation and long-lasting health benefits. The spicy taste makes it an important ingredient of exciting dishes all over the world. Clove is a source of minerals, protein, vitamins and dietary fibres. Iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium are some of the minerals present in clove buds.
Clove oil extracted from cloves is highly beneficial for the body due to its medicinal properties. It is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects which make it appropriate for curing respiratory problems, improving blood circulation and taking care of skin issues.
How to Include Clove as Part of Your Daily Diet:
  • Regularly use herbal supplements with clove 
  • Chew cloves
  • Sprinkle clove powder in food
  • Use clove oil on the body
  • Drink clove tea
Benefits of Using Cloves
  •  Regulation of Blood Sugar Level: People with high blood sugar level can turn to cloves. Cloves are natural insulin stimulants which bring down the blood sugar level. The smooth functioning of the pancreas in producing insulin can also be managed by using cloves. 
  •  Good Digestion: Cloves take care of all the digestion related issues like flatulence, gastric issues, motion sickness and peptic ulcers. Cloves keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy which avoids further digestive issues. These small buds also stimulate the digestive enzymes which improve the digestive power of the stomach.
  •  Infections: Cloves are rich in anti-bacterial qualities. The eugenol oil in cloves curbs down the level of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Many health and skin issues like yeast infection, cough, cold, flu, throat infections etc. can be handled well with clove oil. 
  • Heart Health: The polyphenols present in cloves help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is decreased while HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is increased with the consistent use of cloves to provide better heart health. 
  • Dental Health: Majority of toothpastes contains clove oil as an important constituent as it is capable of maintaining dental health. Cloves work on the bad bacteria in the mouth and have a considerable effect on bad breath and toothache. It is also a simple home treatment for minor dental issues.
  • Stress Reliever: Massages and aromatherapy treatments include the use of cloves and clove oil to reduce stress. Painful body with a stressed mind, tiredness, anxiety and headache can be relaxed to a large extent with the help of clove oil extracted through the distillation of cloves. The aroma of clove oil blended with other oils is also beneficial for relaxing and soothing during times of stress. 
  •  Joint Pain and Inflammation Relief: Clove oil is popularly known for relieving the joints from swelling and pain. The pain can be reduced due to the analgesic nature of the oil. Excessive pain caused due to the overexertion of muscles can also be handled with the use of clove oil. The tingling sensation of the oil provides a great and quick relief from pain.