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Know your Herbs


Gokhru aka Puncturevine is a herbaceous perennial plant from Zygophyllaceae family with the scientific name Tribulus Terrestris. It is quite popular all over the world. Some common names of this plant are gokshura, tackweed, devil’s eyelashes, caltrop, bullhead, goat’s head and bindii. It was originally found in Europe, Asia and Africa. Now it is widely cultivated in America and Australia. 

It is a plant with thorny flowers, five petals, five sepals and ten stamens. The fruit of this plant has a very hard outer covering. The hard covering has 2-4 sharp spines. The stem of this plant branches from the crown and is quite hairy. The leaves are pinnately compound, i.e. the leaflets are arranged along the main mid-vein. This plant is rich in various nutrients like flavonoids, essential oils, alkaloids, and fatty acids. Its seeds are a rich source of fat, harmine and protein.

Gokhru fruit is highly useful and is used in Ayurveda as an essential herb. The anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties make it exceptionally unique.
Benefits of Gokhru

  • Helps in Hypertension: This herb has the power to regulate blood pressure levels in the body. It even helps in bringing down high cholesterol. Regular use of Gokhru also improves functioning of the heart. 
  • Relief from Arthritis Pain: Arthritis results in inflammation and excessive pain in the joints. Gokhru helps in reducing inflammation and pain due to its relaxing nature. Thus, it is very useful for arthritis patients. 
  • Helps the Kidneys: Kidney problems like renal colic, kidney infections and kidney stones can be reduced with the use of gokhru. Gokhru nourishes and strengthens the cell walls of kidney and removes urinary waste. It also improves mobility of fluids in the urinary tract. Large kidney stones can be broken down into small pieces for easy removal by passing urine.
  • Improves Sexual Capability: Gokhru plays the role of sexual libido enhancer. This natural herb has aphrodisiac properties which increase libido. Erectile dysfunction can also be managed with gokhru. It also increases strength and stamina in males.
  • Reduces Effects of Dysuria: Dysuria is the state of painful urination along with burning sensation and discomfort. Gokhru can help in this troublesome issue through its cleansing ability and anti-lithiatic property.
  • Provides Relief from Fever: Gokhru is also a known remedy for several types of fever. Its bark is quite useful in the treatment of fever. In Kashmir, it is called Mitser Kaend and is used in the form of tea for curing fever. 
  • Stress Reliever: Stress is a common issue these days. Prolonged stress can cause problems in the nervous system and digestive system of the body. Gokhru has the power to reduce stress on the body and balance physiological imbalances. It is also effective in reducing headaches, migraines and in inducing sleep. The calming effect of gokhru keeps stress in check and provides mental peace. 
  • Good for Gallbladder: Gokhru helps in preventing stone formation in the gallbladder. It protects the bladder from infections and ensures healthy flow of urine.