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Know your Herbs


Picrorhiza kurroa, also known as kutki or kutaki belongs to family scrophulariaceae. Kutki is a valuable herb in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine which is used to cure respiratory and liver disorders. It is useful for bronchial asthma, fever, constipation, diarrhoea and dyspepsia.
Picrorhiza kurroa is one of the most well-known herbs in Ayurveda and one of the oldest medicinal plants. It is mostly found in hilly regions like Northwest Himalayan region, Garhwal, Kumaun, Sikkim, Nepal, China, Tibet, Burma and Kashmir at higher altitudes. It contains a bitter glycoside “kutkin”, which consists of Kutakoside and Picroside. The herb grows throughout the year, is small in size with spoon shaped leaves, pale purple or white flowers and has bitter sharp-tasting roots. It is one of the most utilized herbs in Ayurveda.
Natural Constituents of Kutki
Rhizome of Kutki contains active glycosides that are very bitter in nature and prevent liver toxicity, tumours, stimulate the immune system and relieve swelling or inflammation. These also include phenolic components, picrorhizin, kutkin, nine cucurrbitacin glycosides, kutkisterol, d-manitol, vanillic acid, benetic acid, steroids and apocynin.
This herb has a cooling effect and works as a cardio tonic, antiperiodic (prevents recurrence of diseases), laxative, cathartic, anti-pyretic (fever reducing), antibacterial, anti-cholestatic, hepato-protective, anti-allergy, immunomodulator, cardio and nephro-protective, anti-malarial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature.
Benefits of Kutki
  • Restores and regulates all the normal functions of liver which is especially beneficial for Diabetic patients.
  • Promotes the secretion of bile and helps it to flow smoothly.
  • Kutki is a very useful remedy for peptic ulcers and acid reflux.
  • Helpful remedy for psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.
  • It may treat viral hepatitis. 
  • Its glycosides have an antitumor action.
  • Regulates blood cholesterol levels.
  • It has the ability to boost the immune system.
  • Works against leshmaniasis, a parasitic disease.
  • Kutki is an anti-poison and is a well-known remedy for snake bite and scorpion stings.
  • Kutki is helpful in managing allergies, asthma, flu and fever.
  • It is a useful remedy for digestion problems such as constipation, indigestion and diarrhoea. Works in rheumatoid arthritis, malaria and epilepsy.
  • Increases appetite and works as a laxative.
  • It is a cooling herb so it can be used to treat nasal bleeding.
  • Cures nausea and vomiting.
Kutki and Safety: Picrorhiza is a relatively safe herb, but very potent in nature. It may cause itching, vomiting, anorexia, hypoglycaemia and rashes in very rare cases.
Kuki is a cooling herb which helps to pacify internal body heat with a combination of other substances. It provides significant relief from various common ailments such as cough, allergy and fever. It also boosts immunity and prevents swelling and pain. Kutki is now widely used in many herbal formulations to support the liver of diabetic patients.