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Know your Herbs


Sahadevi also known as Vernonia Cinerea, is a plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is called Sahdebi or Sahadevi in Hindi. In English, it is termed as purple fleabane or little ironweed. Traditional Sanskrit names of Sahdevi are Uttamakanyapatra, Dandotpala, Kesarika, Devasaha, Mrugadani and Devarha. It is a small shrub found in the temperate regions of India and is also grown in China. Its average height is 0.5 to 3 feet. It has hairy surfaced leaves and purple or pink flowers. 
Sahadevi is bitter in taste and dry in nature. It is easy to digest and has high potency. All the parts of this shrub can be used for medicinal purposes. Leaves, roots, seeds and stem are largely used for preparing medicines. It is a non-toxic plant and its leaves can be eaten raw like a vegetable. 
The major chemical constituents of this herb are lupeol acetate, beta-amyrin acetate. It also contains stigmasterol, alpha-spinasterol and sterols-beta-sitosterol. This herb has its valuable place in Ayurveda due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, digestive and soothing qualities.
Benefits of Sahadevi
  • Effective Diuretic: The seeds of Sahadevi plant are useful for treating urinary problems in adults and children. Painful urination and renal problems can be done away naturally with this small shrub. Renal stones can also be broken down by this miraculous herb.
  • Helpful in Skin Diseases: Skin issues like boils, blisters and skin infections are not very pleasant to bear. Sahadevi is helpful in managing these kind of skin problems and is also a good blood purifier. The leaves of this plant bring relief in skin troubles. Skin infections which can be healed with the use of sahadevi include psoriasis, eczema, ringworm and herpes.
  • Cures Diarrhoea: The anti-diarrheal property of sahadevi helps in treating diarrhoea. It is a simple, natural cure for diarrhoea in humans. The stomach spasms, abdomen pain and indigestion are also relieved with the help of sahadevi.
  • Women’s Health: Vaginal discharge and excessive menstrual bleeding is controlled with the use of sahadevi plant extracts. 
  • Relives Fever and Infections: Fever and infections like malaria, cold, cough along with pain can be effectively reduced with the use of Sahadevi. It brings a sense of relief in fever and common cold. 
  • Improves Fertility: This herb helps in both male and female infertility. It improves the functioning of the reproductive organs in the human body. The use of this herb can even improve sperm and semen quality.
  • Helpful in Treating Worms: Worm infestations can be treated with the seeds of sahadevi plant. Its anthelmintic or anti-parasitic nature works powerfully on intestinal worms. It prevents constipation and also enhances digestion.
  • Treats Insomnia: One of the most amazing qualities of this herb is its soothing and calming nature. It helps in reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep. It is also beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia.