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Turmeric: Glimmer of hope for Diabetes
Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most dreadful diseases which is haunting the modern day mankind and has been on a continuous rise. Diabetes also commonly known as “Diabetes Mellitus” is a cluster of chronic metabolic disorders which is defined by high blood glucose or blood sugar levels caused either by the inadequate insulin production from the pancreas or due to the failure of the body cells in responding properly to the insulin produced or sometimes in both cases. According to the study done by Diabetes foundation of India, about 63 million people suffer from diabetes, and this figure is likely to go up to 80 million by 2025. Delhi alone has more than 30 lakh people suffering from this disease (Indo-US collaborative study). It is not wrong to tell “Everyone is Diabetic unless proved otherwise”. 
Generally Metphormin an Allopathic medicine, with the number of serious side effects, is the commonly used medicine to control the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. It affects the both the vital organ kidney and liver. Recent research studies shows, continuous use of it causes severe deficiency of Vitamin B12, which ultimately leads to cardiovascular disease and also increases the triglycerides level in the blood. On the other hand Ayurveda has an upper hand in treating and preventing Diabetes Mellitus effectively. This oldest medical science has numerous formulations in its belly which have been time tested for their efficacy and outstanding results. There are many herbs (drugs) which cure Diabetes, but Turmeric is excellent option both as a preventive and curative agent for Diabetes. 
Turmeric the “Indian saffron” known to possess number of dazzling therapeutic potential including strong anti diabetic potential, Turmeric and Curcumin (active ingredient of Turmeric) are scientifically proved to be effective in preventing type-2 Diabetes and also in delaying the progression of pathology. Pre-Diabetics are a major group of people worldwide. They are the people who show Diabetic values of blood and urine in lab and are most prone to develop Diabetes, though they are not diagnosed to have active clinical Diabetes. When administered to pre-diabetics or those prone to Diabetes or to those who have a strong family history of Diabetes (as a part of prophylaxis). Turmeric has proved to halt the progression of the disease & prevents the pre-diabetics from becoming diabetics. 
Turmeric's primary polyphenol curcumin is the main compound in the plant that has been researched for its blood sugar regulating properties. One particularly striking study, published in the American Diabetic Association's own journal, Diabetes Care, found turmeric extract to be 100% effective in preventing pre-diabetics from developing type 2 diabetes - a feat of prevention that no FDA approved drug for type 2 diabetes has yet come even close to accomplishing. 
It regulates insulin levels as Turmeric intake promises to keep the pancreas healthy. Its anti-hyper glycemic properties help to maintain proper functioning of the pancreas regulate and balance insulin levels, prevent insulin resistance in the body. It also lowers blood sugar and triglyceride levels, thereby helping to treat diabetes effectively or prevent its onset. In Diabetic patients, the immune system goes for a toss which is why a Diabetic becomes susceptible to other health conditions like heart disease, kidney failure, poor liver function, etc. The antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperglycemic properties of curcumin present in turmeric, helps to strengthen the immune system and fight various infections and viruses. It also helps in weight management as obesity is a major risk factor of diabetes, accumulation of abdominal fat makes insulin production difficult. However, curcumin helps to control triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body, improve digestion, and prevent the accumulation of harmful fats. 
If we search the literature a large number of studies have been reported its anti diabetic potential all around the world .Several of these studies conclude with positive findings, leaving ellipses of expectations. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for Turmeric and Curcumin, based Ayurvedic/medicinal formulations across the globe, and plays a major role in building the huge INR 8000 crore market of herbal formulations in India. It is the presence of curcumin that gives turmeric its unique therapeutic qualities. However, the bioavailability of curcumin through consumption of turmeric in food is a bare minimum. Growing demand for curcumin-based nutritional supplements on account of increasing consumer awareness regarding its anti-diabetic properties is expected to significantly expand the market over the forecast period.
Products of the Months
“Preserva Diabewell Tablets” & “Preserva Diabewell Juice”
Recently the team of Trigya Health Product Pvt. Ltd., comprises expert Scientists, Doctors and Nutritionist in the field of herbal drug discovery, innovated the Diabewell Tablets & Diabewell Juices-Turmeric based herbal formulations for the treatment of Pre Diabetes & Diabetes. 
It is a clinically proven, unique and Novel Turmeric based herbal formulation consists of pure herbal extracts of Medhashinghi, Amla, Manjistha, Bitter melon, Dalchini, Green Tea, Giloya and Kutki. This tablet not only regulates and controls the Blood Glucose level, also eliminates the stress, rejuvenates the energy process and enhances the insulin product. In term of uniqueness it is the only product available in the market which apart from regulating the blood sugar level, protects your body against the serious ill effects arises due to diabetes and side effects of allopathic medication such a Cardio vascular diseases, high triglyceride levels, protects Liver, enhances eyesight, enhances the immune system. Clinical trial studies of our Diabewell tablets reveals significant improvement in all 40 diabetic patients after 12 weeks consumption of Diabewell tablets before meals. It also have very good results for decreasing frequency of urination.
Sr. No Local Name Latin Name Health benefits
1 Medhashinghi Gymnema sylvestre Anti diabetic, Anti arthritis, hypercholesterolemia, cardiopathy, asthma, constipation, microbial infections, indigestion and anti-inflammatory.
2 Manjista Rubia cordifolia Blood Purifier, hepatoprotective , antitumor and Immunomodulator.
3 Amla Emblica officinales Controls blood pressure, Increases Eyesight, Neutoprotection, controls cholesterol and trigycerides, Anticancer, Anti diabetic, Antioxidant, fat loss and improves digestion.
4 Dalchini Cinnamomum zeylanicum Antioxidant, Anti diabetic, Anticancer, controls blood pressure and regulates the cholesterol level.
5 Green tea Camellia sinensis Antidiabetic, Detoxify body, Antioxidant, decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps in weight loss, Anticancer and helps in indigestion.
6 Turmeric Curcuma longa Anti diabetic, Anti arthritis, Anticancer, Hepato protective, Analgesic, Antivirus, Anti inflammatory, enhances the Immune system etc.
7 Bitter melon Momordica chartia Anti diabetic, Helps in digestion, Antivirus, Anti inflammatory.
8 Giloya Tinospora cordifolia Anti diabetic, stress management, Improves energy level, Antivirus.
9 Kutki Picrorhiza kurroa Anti diabetic, stress management, Improves energy level, Antivirus.


Direction of Use
Take one or two tablets before every meal with water or as directed by Physician. Use during pregnancy only after medical advice.
As “prevention is better than cure” recently we have discovered and launched, FSSAI approved potent pure Diabewell juice as herbal food supplement. We are the first one in the market launched cold compressed Aloevera juice along with Turmeric and Banaba extract, novelty of our Diabewell Juice. As it contains Aloevera and Turmeric, regulates and controls the blood glucose level, eliminates stress, enhances insulin production and improves immunity. It is a powerful detoxifier, removing the toxic residues from the cell membranes, improves the body’s self healing mechanism and it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
Ingredient & Health benefits:
Aloe vera Pulp - Antioxidant, Antidiabetic, Immune system enhancer, Anticancer, helpful in ulcer, enhances intestinal absorption, helps in muscular fatigue.
Noni extract - Anticancer, Antidiabetic, immune enhancer 
Gooseberry Juice - Controls blood pressure, Increases Eyesight, Neutoprotection.
Banaba extract - Anti inflammatory, Antidiabetic, helps in weight loss.
Indian Blackberry Fruit juice - Antidiabetic, Antioxidant, contains vitamins & minerals.
Harad extract - Helps in digestion. Turmeric- Anti diabetic, Anti arthritis, Anticancer, Hepato protective, Analgesic, Antivirus, Anti inflammatory, enhances the Immune system etc.
Good news for Mango lover Diabetic patients
It's a common myth that you shouldn't eat certain fruits like Mango if you have Diabetes, because they're "too sweet." Some fruits do contain more sugar than others, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat them if you have diabetes. As per recent studies published in reputed journal The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), eating mangoes every day may control and even lower blood sugar levels, despite their natural sugar content. The American Diabetes Association also recommends mango in its list of fruits that can be eaten by diabetics. In conclusion, daily mango consumption lowers blood pressure in lean individuals, and benefits obese 
individuals by maintaining long-term glucose homeostasis. Galloylderivatives from mango may possess therapeutic potential in the prevention and treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Similar kind of study also published in the same journal which is conducted by Xiaoai Zhu et al,2017 from China in which they found the inhibitory effects of avicularin i.e.-quercetin-3-O-α- arabinofuranoside , a flavonoid glycoside commonly found in mango prevents the high fat diet/ streptozotocin induced type 2 Diabetes. Famous celebrity nutritionist Rujata Diwekar also suggested that a Mango in a day keep Diabetes away.
Activity of the month -
Organizes the health camps at Kirti Hospital, Gurugram - The Preserva wellness shaped significant strides in the year 2017 to approve the medicines requirement as a supplement.Only few years’ old Preserva wellness support sequences of Health campaigns to provide economical, safe and readily available medical counselling and medicines to the mob. Health campaigns were organised to boost the medical condition of society and to aware about the pathological conditions to protect the patients. Preserva wellness taken initiative to aware the people about the role of Ayurveda for the prevention of common medical issues such as diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity etc among Indians, and organised health camps on 3rd and 4th June 2017, an estimated 100 people participated for health and wellness evaluation. In spite of scorching weather in the month of June people showed great enthusiasm and paced in a large number and made it a successful event. Health Camp organized by Preserva wellness in collaboration with Kirti Hospital took place at Gurugram. It was sponsored by our corporate partner Anubha Raman CA firm. . For conducting these camps, prior approval of the Kirti Gupta (Director of the company) was taken. Posters and pamphlets were distributed near gurugram for inviting people for checkups. The person of influence present during camp included . 
Ms. Anubha Bhatia, (Director Trigya Health products Pvt. Ltd.)
Ms. Kirty Gupta, (Director of Kirti Hospital), Dr. Nidhi (Ayurvedic Doctor), Ms. Preeti(Nutritionist) all thanked other members and people to make it a successful event. Results Of Screening The people were requested to register their name getting screened for Body composition assessment, bone density and other health disorders. A total of 100 persons were screened by BCA and bone density scanner machine followed by Medical professionals counseling.