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Cold, Cough, the Winter and our Year in Highlights!

Author: Dr. Jyoti / 12/26/2018 :01:00 PM

Troubled with recurrent cold and cough?

Who minds the winter winds if they are not that cold? It is a delight until and unless dreaded infections do not cause trouble. The common ones include cough and cold. The winter season is a foe to your immune system depriving it of its fighting capabilities. A flourishing spree to the most common cold virus i.e. rhinovirus, is the cold air that you inhale during winters. The low temperatures help many species of rhinovirus to multiply to their fullest in your nose and wind pipe. The other viral agents that predominate in winters include influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus. Children who are already wanting to skip school find a genuine reason for unplanned leaves on winter days when they suffer from recurrent sniffles and a runny nose. The fever that accompanies worries their moms! Even the elderly are not spared. You know the number of leaves you take from your office increase in winters and how the recurrent cold trouble the grandparents is not hidden from anyone.

While the intensity and time limit of infections varies according to the type of virus that has invaded your body, at your level you can differentiate your symptoms under the specific viral infection name after going through the Cold Influenza flow chart!

The path which makes you stay free of infections is undoubtedly cleanliness. Keep your surroundings clean including your door knobs and light switches as they can act as sources of transmission of viral infections. Hygiene of hands is must and keep a safe distance from the infected ones. To reduce your troubles, make your cleanliness drive double!

Product of the Month: Daily Strength Juice

While you are trying every way out to keep the cold and cough out of your house, you end up being unsuccessful most of the time. The virus are often successful in forcing into your homes during winters and giving you tough times for no less than a week. Preserva Wellness understands your needs and takes the pleasure of introducing you to the product of the month, our Daily Strength Juice.

If you are native to India, your grandmother must have told you how turmeric can help you fight respiratory illnesses but probably she did not know what exactly in turmeric improved your defence mechanism. Her preliminary knowledge was just a minute part of the vast Ayurveda texts. Beyond the protective cover against infections, your body also needs a range of vitamins and minerals to adapt to the freezing temperatures. After analysing the reasons of respiratory tract infections during winters, a respiratory tonic was handcrafted by Preserva Wellness. Daily Strength Juice demonstrates the powerful protective and healing powers of curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, Tulsi and Aloe Vera in respiratory illnesses.

Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamins A and B including B9 and B12, C, E. Vitamin A is highly essential to combat infections during childhood specially the respiratory infections and its proper intake can prevent deaths due to pneumonia and acute respiratory tract infections. Aloe Vera itself is a powerful, detoxifier, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and acts as a tonic to your immune system.

The innocuous Tulsi extract induces increased resistance against disease causing pathogens in your body and provides relief even in asthma and bronchitis. The adaptogenic herb Tulsi stabilizes your physiological processes and helps in establishing proper breathing.

Curcumin restores your respiratory health by strengthening weak lungs, fighting against allergens, combating problems in breathing, cough, cold and blocked nasal tract. It also reduces stress on respiratory system due to any autoimmune disease.

If you genuinely do not want your immunity to be defeated and if you intend to reduce the usage of your handkerchiefs in winters, Daily Strength Juice is must. For children and adults alike, your pulmonary system is guarded with the curcumin aloevera juice!

Our Pioneers: Curcumin Ayurvedic Teas

Did you ever hear about curcumin teas before the year 2018? Definitely not! Preserva Wellness came up with a range of world’s first curcumin Ayurveda teas in this year itself. The teas were a result of the hard work put behind the scenes to ease the consumption of Ayurvedic herbs good for your health. When curcumin is intertwined with herbs that address a particular system of your body in such a form that they can be boiled during your tea time, you are surely ready for a salubrious drink appealing to your senses!

Immune Boosting Tea is a forever drink for a sound immune system. The valiant curcumin woven with a herbal combination of moringa, Tulsi, hibiscus, lemongrass, Ashwagandha, Rose and black pepper is a rich source of vitamin C, antioxidants and anti allergic components. Apart from fighting against day to day infections, this can protect you from oxidative cellular stress, cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

If acid reflux causing heartburn takes a toll on your otherwise healthy body, Daily Diagemax Tea should find a place in your kitchen rack. A bad stomach day takes less than few seconds to turn into a bad mood day. Working to reduce the severity of stomach disorders including stomach ulcers, enteric colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and to improve the absorption of nutrients; the mixture of fennel, mint, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, jeera with curcumin calms your gut.

The intake of toxins, pollutants, allergens and microbes along with food and air requires immediate flush out. Dismal digestion causing belly bloating, deteriorated functions of kidney and liver require a routine cup of Daily Detox Tea for relief.

Weight Watchers Tea containing curcumin, guarana, cinnamon powder, Assam green tea, hibiscus and orange pekoe will end your struggle to lose weight. It will make you lose the additional pounds in a healthy way by melting the stored fat, suppressing hunger pangs, removing unwanted fluids and yet keeping your body fully energized.

Tiredness can gloom your day and what better than a blooming tea to re-energize yourself instantly? A composition of Assam green tea, ginger, liquorice, cinnamon, clove buds, cardamom, long pepper, nutmeg and curcumin in Daily Boost Tea instantly elevates your mood and refreshes your body. You will get geared up to be active through the day!

The only tea without curcumin designed for your mental health by Preserva Wellness is Daily Calm Tea. The combination of Chamomile, Assam green tea, lemongrass, Rose, lavender, liquorice, valerian, mint and hibiscus relieve you from muscular fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression and promote good sleep.

Get ready to tackle your health issues with curcumin teas! They do wonders!

Growing Steadily in 2018: The New Launches

We believe in continuity. We believe in doing better than before each day. We strive to build distinct curcumin enriched herbal combinations to safeguard different organs in your body. To maintain continuity, we have introduced three new products apart from the curcumin teas to address various health issues.

Catering to the needs of little eyes and their falling visions, Preserva Wellness has come up with Visiongold Juice. The time that you and your children spend before computers and televisions is on a rise. Wearing spectacles is always a solution but preventing them is even better. Juicy Aloe Vera, triphala, carrot and curcumin in Visiongold Juice is equally effective on children and adults and works to improve eyesight, treating eye infections such as conjunctivitis, reducing cataracts, toning the eye muscles. It manages puffy eyes, diabetic retinopathy which is eye problem due to diabetes and fights against microbial agents. Beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A), lutein and zeaxanthin in carrot juice are specifically good for eyes.

Keeping in mind the increase of gluten- sensitive autoimmune disease of small intestine i.e. celiac disease, Preserva Wellness has handcrafted Celiacgold Juice. Poor absorption of nutrients becomes a cause of weight loss, osteoporosis, neurological problems and steatorrhoea i.e. presence of excess of fat in stools in patients fighting with celiac disease. Acting as anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant with its gluten free ingredients including aloevera pulp, wheatgrass juice and curcumin, Celiacgold Juice reduces stomach inflammation, increases nutrient absorption and controls cholesterol and blood sugar.

We also care about the modest heart that beats for you and do not want bad cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides or any kind of plaque formation blocking the arteries and worsening the functioning of heart. To counter these issues and to reduce oxidative stress, Preserva Wellness has combined Aloe Vera pulp, beetroot, lemon and hibiscus juice with curcumin in Cardigold Juice.

Flourishing and Expanding is Amazing!

We continue to grow and flourish and we thank you all for being a special part of our journey. Our online market has garnered a customer base of 30,000 and the 15,000 people in them joined us in between June to December, 2018. We take the pleasure to the make you aware of the stores that 23 stores and wellness centres have connected with us in 2018 and are proudly enlarging our customer base of curcumin enriched herbal products. They include some of the most well-known organic and natural food stores in NCR, large reputed grocers, physiotherapy centres, wellness and naturopathy clinics and skin clinics.

We have also been showered with a lot of love and attention at the camps and organic and natural food markets that we participate in. People get intrigued with our first of the kind curcumin teas and other herbal amalgams. We have been conducting camps since the beginning of 2017 but this year saw a steady increase in our presence across NCR. We popped up at Bikaner House, Ghitorni, Hauz Khas, some of the most popular health food markets like Green Crusaders and The earth Collective, multiple locations in Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad that paved a way for us to rise further. Daily Strength Juice and Immune Boosting Tea were among the most purchased items especially towards the end of the year. When people get relief from using our products, they happily recommend them to their friends and colleagues.

Coming out tall after three years of establishment hasn’t been a cakewalk. It enclasps the travail of our team of doctors, scientists, nutritionists, sales force, marketing and accounts staff. Our enthusiastic founder has been a source of motivation for our entire collaboration. From gathering the raw materials, formation of final outcome and their packaging to getting them in the market, she is herself involved in each and every minor step leaving no chance for any faux pas.

Preserva Wellness holds by its motto ‘Pure is Potent’ and wishes you the best of health and wellness. The greatest gift to you and your family is a healthy you! We hope to see your continued patronage through 2019 and to support us as we conquer new heights!

Happy Holidays and a Very Bright and Healthy 2019!