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Our Founders

A Chartered Accountant and Financial Analyst, Anubha Bhatia found her calling when she began researching the virtues of the humble herb – turmeric. What began as philanthropic work and a professional assignment, soon assumed the proportions of a passion. She embarked upon a journey, discovering the countless benefits of the magical ‘curcumin’, the active ingredient in turmeric. She began exploring the undiscovered powers of ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda. The combinations and possibilities left her stumped! Everyday wellness could easily be attained through the age old wisdom of Ayurveda. The seed of a unique colossal entrepreneurial venture was thus sown. And then was born Preserva. Potent, pure Ayurvedic products, which prevent ailments, and preserve and sustain good health and wellness. Her daughter Rasmika Bhatia, who has a degree in Food Management from the Culinary Institute of America, ably supports her.

Determined to create a product which was truly pure and effective, Anubha launched her company, Trigya Health in April, 2016. A team of Ayurvedic doctors, research scientists, microbiologists, quality control specialists, botanists, and nutritionists, worked upon her vision to create Ayurvedic products, using a variety of combinations of herbs and plants. The final product was a range of capsules, gels, tablets and juices in twelve different health categories.

Quality is the hallmark of the Preserva product line. The medicinal plants and herbs are sourced from different places across the country. Anubha travels herself across the length and breadth of India to meet the farmers who are actually producing the raw materials being used in Preserva products. Her team then sources the raw materials, which are then tested in the Company’s own laboratory, before placing orders for purchase. Personal supervision is conducted in several stages on a regular basis. The finished product is tested for heavy metals in compliance with international safety standards. Eyes sparkling, Anubha quips, “there’s no point in having a passion that you don’t think in the shower about!”.

Violet and golden yellow, – the colors of royalty, - are the theme for the Preserva brand. The connection – today’s discerning ‘royal’ consumer realizes ‘health is wealth’ will invests in the premium health and wellness products of Preserva for a better life. The bottle / jar caps have their signature logo embossed on them artistically. All herbs and label illustrations on the product packaging has been made in-house and each of them brings out the beauty of each herb used by PRESERVA. Anubha has overseen the entire packaging of the products and it's her dream to provide these wonderful health enhancing products to every household in India.