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Vani Bhalla Pahwa

I have recently started recommending Preserva’s range of products under their Skeletal Health and Metabolic health categories. Oxyrich and Turmlitegold have really helped my clients to increase their metabolic rate naturally without any side effects and has therefore helped them achieve optimum weight. Bonboost has helped my clients who need to gain bone strength after an injury or bone fracture since this product helps the ...

Asmi Pahwa

I had severe typhoid which led to hair fall. Tressgrow oil really worked to reduce my hair fall and nourished my hair. I also didn't want glasses like the rest of my family for which I use Visiongold Juice. It has prevented my eyesight from getting weak and I would recommend these 2 products to everybody.

Akhil Ganju

Due to my work schedule I have bad eating habits which has lead o weight gain and high cholesterol. I was recommended Cholestoblast Capsules for my BP and Nutrixgoold Juice for weight loss after a doctor at Preserva did my check up. It has really helped control my BP and I've lost a few kgs. I'm very confident by using these for another 6 months I'll be even more healthier.


Harpreet tells us about her experience with Daily Strength juice for cough, cold, fever etc. and Diabewell Tablets used by her husband to control his Diabetes and Blood Sugar level.


I am Harjeet from Ghaziabad and I am 30 years old. In 30s, women generally face problems of acne, pigmentation and dullness of skin. There are so many dermal treatments but have a high cost. I have been consulting different dermatologists for past two to three years for my pigmentation, scars and dark circles under my eyes. Six months back, I was introduced to Oxyrich Juice and Oxyrich Capsules of Preserva Wellness by someone ...

Alpana Gupta

I was experiencing very bad hot flushes which was making me iriitable. Menopause has not been an easy journey for me and I think a lot of women will also relate to it. Then I got introduced to Preserva's Boosthealth and after consuming it for a few weeks I started feeling better and more in control of myself. I had lesser episodes of hot flushes, my energy levels were higher and I was less irritable and impatient. It has helped ...

Dr. Deepankar Das

Being an ergonomist I understand bone and muscle health and know what effects it can have if you don't take proper care of your skeletal system. I prescribe 3 of Preserva Wellness's products which are Arthroblast for natural pain relief, Arthrogold for my patients suffering from Arthritis and Bonboost tablets for calcium. These are all non-habit forming, don't harm the kidneys and can be consumed long term. I will continue to ...

Dr. Bobby Dewan

Despite being a GP I always tell my patients to include some herbal products in their diet as well. This brings down the overall need for modern medicine and helps faster recovery. The 3 products of Preserva that I appreciate are Diabewell Tablets and Juice and Nephrogold. I have seen significant improvement in my patients with these products. Diabewell has helped balance insulin and sugar levels in my patients and I have ...

Kiran Khurana

I had a severe bout of Chikungunya which left me in a lot of pain. I had started to feel unhappy because even after 6 months I would be in pain every morning. I started to take regular calcium from chemists but that did not do me any good. Then I heard about Preserva's Bonboost and gave that a try. It suited me a lot better and my pain slowly left. It also increased my bone density. Since I became a regular user, Their team ...

Seema Monga

Pain and Inflammation needs a cure and Seema found it for her mother with Arthroblast Capsules! It brings faster results than other Ayurvedic products and starts working from Day 1 on reducing swelling in the body!

Jazz Sonu

2020 has shown us the importance of strong immunity. It is a need of the hour to boost our immune system to stay strong. Preserva Wellness IMMUNOBLAST JUICE offers a nutritious & delicious blend of the finest and healthiest fruits, infused with the goodness of Curcumin for a healthy and strong immune system. It is a healthy, hearty & extremely delicious juice packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which make it ...


2020 has put health and more importantly immunity boosting on the national agenda and we are fuelled by the growing awareness of how important it is to keep our immune system strong to protect ourselves. Our daily diet sometimes fails to provide all the nutrients our Immune System requires and we are left defenceless against external infections. This is where dietary supplements play a crucial role in filling the gap. Unlike ...


These are stressful and uncertain times, and chronic stress can wreak havoc not just on your mental health but on all aspects of your health. Take time to focus on reducing your stress and anxiety levels with our unique herbal-enriched STRESAWAY TABLETS; featuring a combination of the most powerful, health-enhancing Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Curcumin, and many more. These are potent anti-anxiety herbs ...


Deepali reviews our Immunoblast Juice and explains how it keeps her family healthy and protected! With 95% Curcumin and Aloe Vera mixed with Mulberry and Apple, this tasty and sweet juice is unlike any Aloe Vera Juice you have tried! 1. Boosts immune system 2. Anti-cancerous 3. Reduces cellular death and tissue damage 4. High in iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and dietary fibre 5. Blood purifier 6. Excellent for ...


Deeksha review our Daily Calm Tea with Assam Green Tea, Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, Liquorice, Hibiscus, Lemon grass, Mint and Valerian! Daily Calm Tea has a beautiful floral aroma and a delicate taste to help you relax and feel de-stressed! 2 cups a day, especially in the evening and before sleeping ensure you feel less anxious, calmer and get a good nights sleep!


Karun reviews our Vitalboost Tablets and tell's you all about the benefits of these on men's health and testosterone levels. Made with Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshur, Shilajit, Kaunch, Safed musli, Atibala, Tulsi, Kesar & Curcumin it helps boost low sex drive, testosterone, vitality and energy. It is also an effective multi-vitamin and improves overall performance and reproductive health.

Renu Chaudhary

A Herbal, Ayurvedic Curcumin Tea for Weight Loss is now here with Weight Watchers Tea by Preserva Wellness! It helps you to increase your metabolism and enables the body to burn fat more easily. It also increases the rate of fat and sugar metabolismin the body so you don't have to deal with belly fat or fat deposits in other problematic areas like thighs, hips, chin and arms. Hear our lovely customer Renu talking about her ...

Rakesh Khurana

High Blood pressure can be constantly worrying and so can be poor digestion! Watch Rakesh Khurana reviewing our Cardigold Juice for managing his blood pressure and Daily Diagemax Tea to keep his digestion strong!

Deepak Banga

Are you always feeling tired and lethargic? Or do you constantly get recurring cough, cold, fever? With Daily Boost Tea you can build your immunity and feel energized throughout the day! To provide an extra energy boost, maintain alertness and promote wakefulness, a refreshing cup of tea with delicious spices and medicinal benefits like the ability to fight disease, increase energy and reduce stress can do wonders for your ...