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Anisha Katyal

Marketing Executive

When i talk about "DIAGEMAX JUICE" it has given me loads of improvement in my digestion. Harjeet has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to try this products for my digestive issue. ...

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Anshu Kaushal


I am 40 year old lady was suffering from skin pigmentation. I have used various cosmetic products but didn’t get desired result. I just want to admire “OXYRICH JUICE” as it acts internally and ...

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Ms. Ruchi


3 months ago , I was overweight from my ideal body weight, but after using “TURMLITEGOLD CAPSULES” and certain alteration in lifestyle I lost 5 kg within three months. Now I feel very energetic, ...

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S. Lahiri


I was prescribed “DIABEWELL” tablets. Meanwhile I saw a report on TOI on 30th March that ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metal and it is creating side effects sometimes. Very serious ones ...

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Shefali Goel

Boutique owner

I have been using PRESERVA TRESSGROW OIL & TABLETS for the last one month and I can notice a change in my hair texture and growth. The hairfall has reduced and hair growth has improved. Thanks to ...

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Dr. Harshita Sethi

BAMS, MD ( ...

"Dear Preserva Team, I am writing here to let you know that I am happy to use your juices and tablets for my patients , they are high quality and get assimilated in body very easily, there are no ...

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Ms. Alpna Verma

Graphic Designer

I am a mother of a child who is sitting for her board exams this year. As the exams are getting closer, not for the studies, my stress was for her health. At this time we canno afford even a sore ...

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Ms. Vandana Kalra


I am 47 year old health conscious lady. Due to sedentary work I was suffering from chronic gas and constipation since past 5 years. Due to gas there was abdominal discomfort and body pain, I had lost ...

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Mrs. Indu Wadhwa

Housewife and ...

I am a 71 year young cancer survivor. I underwent mastectomy in 2011. Post surgery a very senior doctor, ex AIIMS, advised intake of turmeric both as a preventive and a curative for cancer. Of ...

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Dr. Praveen Kumar


The products manufactured by PRESERVA are really awesome. The testing and manufacturing procedures being followed by them are unparalleled in the Indian market. Their focus on using Turmeric as a key ...

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Vani Bhalla Pahwa

Exercise and Rehab ...

I have recently started recommending Preserva’s range of products under their Skeletal Health and Metabolic health categories. Oxyrich and Turmlitegold have really helped my clients to increase their ...

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Asmi Pahwa


I had severe typhoid which led to hair fall. Tressgrow oil really worked to reduce my hair fall and nourished my hair. I also didn't want glasses like the rest of my family for which I use Visiongold ...

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Akhil Ganju

Director,Solarman ...

Due to my work schedule I have bad eating habits which has lead o weight gain and high cholesterol. I was recommended Cholestoblast Capsules for my BP and Nutrixgoold Juice for weight loss after a ...

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Harpreet tells us about her experience with Daily Strength juice for cough, cold, fever etc. and Diabewell Tablets used by her husband to control his Diabetes and Blood Sugar level.

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Retired Professor ...

I am Harjeet from Ghaziabad and I am 30 years old. In 30s, women generally face problems of acne, pigmentation and dullness of skin. There are so many dermal treatments but have a high cost. I have ...

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Alpana Gupta

Chef Owner of a ...

I was experiencing very bad hot flushes which was making me iriitable. Menopause has not been an easy journey for me and I think a lot of women will also relate to it. Then I got introduced to ...

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Dr. Deepankar Das

Physiotherapist and ...

Being an ergonomist I understand bone and muscle health and know what effects it can have if you don't take proper care of your skeletal system. I prescribe 3 of Preserva Wellness's products which ...

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Dr. Bobby Dewan

General Physician

Despite being a GP I always tell my patients to include some herbal products in their diet as well. This brings down the overall need for modern medicine and helps faster recovery. The 3 products of ...

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Kiran Khurana

Professor of ...

I had a severe bout of Chikungunya which left me in a lot of pain. I had started to feel unhappy because even after 6 months I would be in pain every morning. I started to take regular calcium from ...

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Seema Monga


Pain and Inflammation needs a cure and Seema found it for her mother with Arthroblast Capsules! It brings faster results than other Ayurvedic products and starts working from Day 1 on reducing ...

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