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Achieve Optimum Nutrition wrapped up with Preserva Supplementation


PRESERVA’s team of formulation specialists and scientists are constantly developing new products, to bring to you the Goodness of Ayurveda.

In its latest offering, Preserva has developed two combination products, which help alleviate Arthritis through Arthrogold, and Hair Fall and Premature greying of hair through Tressgrow. These Combination products provide both internal and external remedies and are in the form of oil and tablets. 


Preserva Arthrogold tablets

Arthrogold oil provides immense relief from all the pains associated with Arthritis. It is effective in reducing the pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles, caused by Arthritis; morning stiffness; or other bone related problems. This is an external application oil and is made from a unique combination of multiple herbs, providing effective and instant relief. The Tablets in this combination pack have been formulated to provide an internal remedy to the problem.

Containing a unique blend of Turmeric, Rasna, Shallaki, Ashwagandha, Piper nigrum, and Guggul. The tablets work to provide immense relief from bone and muscle pains.A holistic solution to any medical problem can be achieved by tackling it from the inside. Keeping this basic principle in mind, the Arthrogold combination pack ensures that you never have to resort to harmful painkillers in the future. 


Preserva Tressgrow tablets

Oil is an integral component for hair as it aids in maintaining healthy hair, scale down hair loss, induces  hair growth. Various types of oil used by us in which  castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil, mustard oil or coconut oil are popularly used for  hair massage  as it enhances blood circulation, relaxes nerves,  eliminates stress and anxiety.

Among these Tressgrow Oil  is a premium oil which has become people’s best choice in recent days as it  consists of essential  Vitamins (A, E, B complex and D), minerals such as (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus) and protein which intensify  the hair from the origin and intensely nourishes. This is composed of Bhringraj, Triphla, Shikakai, Brahmi and Sagon oil which makes it exclusive.  Regrowth of hair is viable as the Sagon present in this magnificent oil prompt hair follicles that has latent growth. Affluent with linoleic acid, lauric acid, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids assist in hair rejuvenation. Encompassed with antimicrobial, an anti-inflammatory property preserves the scalp neat and hygienic. The segregated properties of the integrated oils in this concoction result in maximal hair nourishment; restrain hair fall also enables the vigorous hair, instinctively black, hearty and lively long. For best results the Tressgrow oil should be applied twice a week and left overnight. Shampoo on the other day and flutter with silky and dazzling hair.

Ananya is a college going attention seeker girl wants to look smart, cool and beautiful all the day.  She never  put oil as it makes her hair sticky and crummy and friends make fun of her. But due to her gradually pursuing   dull hair she was getting anxious and jittery.  Then I advised her to apply Tressgrow oil as it is non-sticky and tacky infact accredit hair lustrous and shiny. Now she has restored her prominence in college.


  • » Useful in preventing Hair fall
  • » Inhibits dandruff and graying of  hair
  • » Controls hair loss due to stress or pollution  and promotes hair growth
  • » Nourishes hair roots and scalp
  • » Improves Blood circulation to hair follicles making hair denser and thicker




  • » Sticky and slippery  wet oil, not absorbed well
  • » Mineral oil which not penetrates on hair
  • » Problems of hair  itching after application  
  • » Thin hair is not nourished well 
  • » Secretion of DTH hormones is not reduced as desired
  • » Sagon oil is not used generally
  • » Fatty acids are in low  amount 
  • » Inability to retain moisture hence split ends progresses
  • » Hair not gets overall nutrition hence hair fall, hair graying, split ends takes place
  • » Not pacifying enough
  • » Non-coolant 
  • » Unable to lock moisture
  • » Makes hair sloppy

  • » Non-Sticky dry oil, absorption is quick
  • » Sesame oil as base oil penetrates on hair
  • » Lighter feeling 
  • » Thin hair needs light oil which improve hair growth
  • » Reduces the secretion of DTH hormone 
  • » Sagon oil is incorporated makes hair silky and lustrous
  • » Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are present
  • » Due to cool weather, hair becomes dry and has split ends
  • » Nourishes the root of the hair 
  • » Soothing and Tranquilizing properties
  • » Acts as coolant and nourish the scalp inside
  • » Locks the moisture  
  • » Makes the hair glossy and gleaming 
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