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Heating Mantles

Also known as "isomantle", Heating Mantles are a piece of laboratory equipment used to uniformly heat various lab and glassware vessels.

These mantles are made of different sizes to provide uniform heating. Bigger sizes of mantles have two or three heating circuits so that the upper circuit can be switched off when small sizes flask is being heated or when the liquid level is dropped. A Laboratory heating mantle is used to uniformly heat various lab and glassware vessels. If you are looking for an accurate and easy-to-use heating solution this style of laboratory heating mantle is a good alternative to heating baths. This type of laboratory heating mantle is even great for those hard-to-fit flasks and funnels. You can choose from flexible fabric or canister style, both types incorporate a flexible and insulated heating device that allows you to place your containers directly on the heating element without substantially increasing the risk of the glassware shattering. They do not have built-in temperature controllers and may require the use of a separate temperature or power controller. Laboratory heating mantles are available with wide varieties of shape, size, wattage, and temperature control options.


It features a durable, chemically resistant polypropylene housing that is safe to the touch.  The flexible heating element ensures a minimum risk of flask breakage. These controlled and grounded electro mantles feature a built-in power regulator and safety earth (ground) screen. The replaceable coiled heating element is suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support. Ceramic fibre insulation keeps the chemical- resistant polypropylene case cool. Built-in power controller has dial markings from 1 to 10 for repeatability. Mantles feature indicator lights, an amber-coloured "power on" light and a clear-coloured "heater on" light. All mantles are double fused and include a single support rod clamp that accepts a 1/2" rod. The stainless steel grounding screen provides added protection against shock in the event of spillage or flask breakage.


  • No open flame (some labs banned the Bunsen burner)
  • No liquid dropping off ( in comparison with oil or water bath)
  • Due to better insulation of the heating element, you can safely add the glassware in direct contact with the mantle (for higher temperatures this might be not a good idea with hotplates).


The heating mantle is safe because it does not produce flames. It is rapid. One must be careful, however, in using heating mantles. Heating mantles must be used with variable transformers. Never plug a heating mantle directly into a wall outlet. If a heating mantle is plugged directly into the wall outlet, it will become extremely hot. This is extremely hazardous and can also cause the heating mantle to burn out. One should avoid spilling chemicals into the heating mantle.