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TRESSGROW Brahmi Bhringraj Triphala OIL
  • TRESSGROW Brahmi Bhringraj Triphala OIL TRESSGROW Brahmi Bhringraj Triphala OIL


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Sagon, Bhringraj,Triphala, Shikakai, Carrot, Brahmi, Jatamanshi, Ratanjot, Neel, Rosemary, Amarbel, Neel & Sesamum oil

Health Benefits

  •  Prevents hair fall and hair thinning 
  •  Increases hair growth 
  •  Prevents premature greying of hair 
  •  Improves hair and scalp health 
  •  Prevents scalp infections 
  •  Cures dandruff, flaking and other forms of dermatitis

How to Consume

Apply 5-6 drops of Tressgrow oil on your scalp three times a week and keep it overnight. Shampoo and condition hair as per your regular routine in the morning. For massage, combine 1 part Tressgrow oil with 5 parts Coconut oil and apply thoroughly on hair and scalp.


  • Avoid the usage of this product in combination with any other medicine or consult your healthcare practitioner before  consuming the same. 
  • The product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women as the effects of Curcumin on such persons have not been  established.
  • This product along with other recommended products will address the main health concern that you are facing and  thereafter the other health concerns.
  • Most of our products contain curcumin which works as a blood thinning agent and a cholesterol reducing agent, therefore  persons on medications for these problems should monitor the dosage and their blood pressure on a regular basis. 
  • This is important since their use with allopathic medication may increase or decrease BP. Diabetic patients must monitor   their Blood Sugar Level twice a day initially for 3 days and then once a day for next 3 days and then weekly for about a   month and then monthly. 
  • Once you start consuming Preserva Wellness supplements, other allopathic medicine consumption should be tapered down     gradually. 
  • Once you start consuming any of our product and any body parameter increases or decreases, please check which other   medications whether allopathic or any other are being consumed and reduce their dosage. 
  • In case of any queries, please write to us at support@trigyahealth.com or call our health care experts on 8373994904 to   advise you properly and discuss which supplements should be taken by you.

Additional Information

We live in an age where appearance is given a lot of importance and ailments like hair loss and maintaining the quality of hair is a concern for people starting in their 20’s going up to people in their 60’s. It is a distressing condition for a number of men and women. Coconut oil is commonly used to nourish and prevent hair fall but it does not provide us with all the essential nutrients and oils that our scalp requires in order to have healthy hair. Preserva Tressgrow Oil is a unique combination of pure oils of Sagon, Bhringraj, Triphala, Shikakai, Carrot, Brahmi, Jatamanshi, Ratanjot, Neel, Rosemary, Amarbel, Neel & Sesamum in adequate proportions which nurture our hair and have proven results in preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth. It is also very helpful in hair loss, curing dandruff, alopecia, male pattern baldness, dermatitis and other scalp infections and nourishing the hair from the roots.

We live in a world where our health is dictated not just by our genes and basic upkeep of the body but is immensely influenced by our diet, environment and the stress we face. Hair loss and maintaining hair quality is a major problem owing to these factors. Preserva has developed a herbal formulation for curing this condition to avoid harmful side effects of allopathic or chemical treatments. Tressgrow oil is a scalp treatment oil and not just any other hair oil. It has to be applied on the scalp and not hair. Regular use of this oil for a period of 3 months will significantly stop hair fall and cure any other scalp or hair problems. Additionally, it provides nourishment to the roots of the hair and can be used by people who want to maintain their hair quality as well. Tressgrow oil works best in combination with Tressgrow tablets.

Ratings & Reviews (2 Reviews)

Great product, has really helped with my hair thinning. Stops hair fall in the first 2 weeks and helps regrowth too.

Kartikeya | 10/11/2018 6:31:35 PM

really a great product, few drops of this oil can do wonders as it really sorted my problem of hair fall.

Avnish Kaur | 9/29/2018 12:13:43 PM
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