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DAILY CALM TEA (60 cups)

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Assam Green Tea, Lavender Flower, Rose Flower, Chamomile Flower, Liquorice, Hibiscus flower, Lemon grass leaves, Mint leaves and Valerian

(50 gms)

Health Benefits

  •  Relieves stress and anxiety 
  •  Natural relaxant
  •  Antidepressant 
  •  Exhibits a calming effect 
  •  Promotes good sleep 
  •  Reduces muscular fatigue

How to Consume

Consume 3-4 cups daily.

Add 1 teaspoon of Daily Calm Tea in 2 cups of hot water. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes or steep in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Sweeten with jaggery if required. For iced tea, add 1 teaspoon in 1 glass of hot water. Let it rest for 10 minutes and add honey and ice.

Suitable for all persons above the age of 5. Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant and lactating women should always consult their Doctor before consuming any supplements. 

This product is absolutely safe to be consumed with any other medication being taken and have no known side effects. Store in a cool, dry place to retain freshness. To be kept away from heat and direct sunlight.


  • Avoid the usage of this product in combination with any other medicine or consult your healthcare practitioner before  consuming the same. 
  • The product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women as the effects of Curcumin on such persons have not been  established.
  • This product along with other recommended products will address the main health concern that you are facing and  thereafter the other health concerns.
  • Most of our products contain curcumin which works as a blood thinning agent and a cholesterol reducing agent, therefore  persons on medications for these problems should monitor the dosage and their blood pressure on a regular basis. 
  • This is important since their use with allopathic medication may increase or decrease BP. Diabetic patients must monitor   their Blood Sugar Level twice a day initially for 3 days and then once a day for next 3 days and then weekly for about a   month and then monthly. 
  • Once you start consuming Preserva Wellness supplements, other allopathic medicine consumption should be tapered down     gradually. 
  • Once you start consuming any of our product and any body parameter increases or decreases, please check which other   medications whether allopathic or any other are being consumed and reduce their dosage. 
  • In case of any queries, please write to us at support@trigyahealth.com or call our health care experts on 8373994904 to   advise you properly and discuss which supplements should be taken by you.

Additional Information

There are many ways to manage and deal with stress from a slow walk to a hot bath, yoga classes, reading, exercising or running or just laying low and resting. In addition to these remedies, herbal teas help us to unwind and de-stress, as well as aid sleep and digestion. Herbal teas tend to work in two ways: providing a mix of calming ingredients and simply giving us room to slow down and experience the present. Herbs can exert an effect on the nervous system and reduce anxiety and stress. For some people, simply the ritual and act of making a cup of tea and sitting down to sip it can be a form of relaxation in itself. Preserva Wellness Daily Calm Tea is designed for inducing good sleep, manages stress and anxiety symptoms and is particularly helpful to unwind in times of stress. For an enhanced experience, the flowers and leaves are kept whole so the aroma and colours can soothe the senses. 

Liquorice root is one of the adaptogenic herbs (herbs which help you adapt to stress) that is beneficial to use for long term stress and adrenal gland fatigue which is a known cause of stress. Valerian contains valeric acid known for its sedative and anti-anxiety properties which doesn’t just offer a good night’s sleep but can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure also. 

L-theanine derived from Assam green tea, produces a calming effect. The polyphenols in green tea help combat anxiety and stress. Although green tea contains caffeine, it is adaptogenic in nature such that it keeps you alert yet calm enough without making you feel drowsy.

Lemongrass is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, nervousness or stress. Lemongrass tea is excellent for helping you sleep well, feel more relaxed and avoid insomnia. The scent of lemongrass also has pleasant, relaxing effect on the senses. Rose is useful in calming nervous tension, cell rejuvenation and fighting depression as it contains eugenol and geraniol. It also reduces amyloid β, which is the main pathological cause of Alzheimer’s. When used aromatically, rose calms and soothes the mind. It is also rich in Vitamins A, C, D, E and B3 along with other minerals. 

Chamomile soothes tension, alleviates headache symptoms and calms the mind. It is effective in inducing relaxation and also reducing effects of anxiety, depression and insomnia. Mint leaves are a natural muscle relaxant and ease build-up of tension in the body which in turn can reduce stress and anxiety. Hibiscus contains vitamins and minerals which have antidepressant properties and can help calm down the nervous system, reduce anxiety and depression by relaxing the mind and body. Hibiscus is also a very rich source of Vitamin C. 

Lavender is considered a nervous system restorative flower that helps improve sleep, restlessness, irritability, panic, attacks, feeling of turning in the stomach and nervous tension.

Ratings & Reviews (3 Reviews)

I usually suffered from stress due to work load. I saw an ad on facebook about daily calm tea and ordered one for myself. I experienced change from day 1 of it's use. Now I am able to handle critical work situations without stress. Thank you Preserva Wellness.

Md. Ghalib | 4/18/2019 6:32:10 PM

Great tea, very tasty and soothing the flavor and aroma is great. this tea has been my favorite for years. It helps me relax and sleep. I do like it. highly recommended go with it.

krishna | 11/14/2018 3:23:37 PM

I had a great experience with daily calm tea. It's like Sunday everyday for me with the sip of preserva daily calm tea..I often carry this to office to relax myself naturally from everyday stress..

Saumya dipti | 9/15/2018 5:18:06 PM
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